It’s Golden Hour!

What is Golden Hour? To a lighting designer or Director of Photography (DP), this is a magical time, but it can also be a prime opportunity for a well-educated makeup artist. Sara gives you a taste of what makes Golden Hour just so beautiful.

Sara’s Lighting Background

It all started with birth. No, we’re serious! Sara’s mother was an artist and art history teacher, and Sara grew up the subject of many of her mother’s paintings. In all this, Sara began to learn about color and lighting, and once she went away to school, it was clear she was passionate about it.

** Note: The adorable baby in this video is Sara’s youngest granddaughter who was happy to participate in the impromptu video filmed by her daughter.

Lighting for Makeup Artists – The First Video

It all began with a dreama dream to build up other artists by empowering them through the knowledge of lighting and how that interacts with makeup. More than that, Sara wanted to teach others how to adjust to lighting issues and who to talk to on a set about them. It was the birth of her class Lighting for Makeup Artists 101.