Class Breakdown

Class Itinerary

Registration & Welcome (8:30am)

Please be punctual.
Light Breakfast & Coffee   (depending on class location)
Course Begins 9.00am
Course finishes 5.00pm
Lunch can be purchased locally (1 and 1/2 hour for lunch) Please be punctual returning.

The first half is the Theory portion. (9:00am-12:30pm)

(PowerPoint with workbooks which are provided for the students to keep. NDA required)

The second half is the Practical portion. (2:00-5:00pm)

(Students applying makeup on each other, then put in front of TML lighting and a 4k camera and 4k monitor for examination)

Cost $300.00 US If provided (class and TML key light)$475.00 US *           Minimum 8-16 Maximum students (depending on location)
Spaces are limited


Application makeup skills relating to product placement, and a basic knowledge of health & safety, client conformity

Small basic makeup kit – Foundation for both warm and cool skin tones, concealer, corrector, powder, highlight, contour makeup brushes and/or Sponges, brush cleaner.

COME WITH A CLEAN FACE as you will be doing makeup on each other. There is a reason behind this and you will find out in the class! Any problems registering please email.

Basic set up

This depends on the space provided

*TML Key Light and Magic Mount