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2020 Class Schedules (links are the blue buttons)

January 25, 2020

Check Back in February for more updates on the 2020 class schedules. We are working on several different locations, New Orleans, The Upper midwest and a few more.


Lighting for Make-Up Artists 101 ©
Makeup and Lighting – An Introduction

  • Have a basic understanding of lighting
  • Be able to make adjustments in any lighting situation
  • Develop a relationship with the Director of Photography (DP) or Lighting Designer (LD)
  • Understand the relationship between lighting and make-up, and how one effects the other

We will be covering, for example; Light Objectives, Color Mixing, Defining Color, Hues and Saturation, Lighting Equipment, Lighting Accessories and much more!      What to expect click here.

Welcome to the Lighting for Makeup Artists101 © workshop, by 2-time Emmy® Nominated, Multi-Award Winning & Christian Broadcasting Network, Principal Makeup and Makeup Effects Artist Sara Seidman Vance. Designed for makeup professionals, lecturers, & makeup trainees who want to understand the core values behind lighting technology both on set, and on location. This workshop will demonstrate how the correct lighting works to filter and create the perfect balance in makeup, how to be able to determine how your makeup will appear under different lighting circumstances and how to be able to interact with the Director of Photography or Lighting Designer with confidence.

Sara does not work for TML or is financially compensated by them. Lighting package by The Makeup Light (TML), designed and created by Michael Astalos. The workshop will feature the TML lighting technology, which has been created to enhance your makeup through digital mediums delivering outstanding results. TML supplies lighting to leading international makeup artists around the globe, providing this number one lighting technology which is used on Hollywood film productions, makeup schools, Makeup/ Hair trailers, fashion, print, weddings and is now reaching other genres in both makeup and cosmetology.

Michael Astalos built this lighting system at the request of his wife, Vivian Baker, Emmy Award Winning, beauty and special effects makeup artist for Feature Films and Television .

* TML keylight with Magic Mount

This is the package that comes with the class and Key light ticket. An incredible deal and only offered at select classes!!!!

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