Sonia Roselli from Sonia Roselli Beauty
September 10,2017
For those of you that didn’t come to this lighting class, holy s***! You missed it! I’m blown away! I learned so much! 
It’s been years since I have done any TV work.  BUT wow did I have many Ah-ha moments! Especially about product development.  If you get a chance to take a class with Sara Seidman Vance on lighting, be prepared to have your mind BLOWN.

Kim Ikonen from Sweden
May 17, 2018 
Such a pleasure learning more on lighting for makeup artists from lighting pro and makeup artist Sara Seidman Vance at Lighting For Makeup Artists 101. Little tips and makeup tricks for makeup on camera, lots of knowledge of light in general, color temperatures, CRI, differences in color theory for light as opposed to pigment/skin, and more! Thanks for being such an inspiring teacher and humble person, Sara! God Bless you!

Ale Chavez from Peru
May 17, 2018
Today I’m getting one of the classes I’ve wanted and waited the most as professional makeup makeup artist! Was following this class around the world for a while, but was never given on a country and date I was able to travel to due schedule.

Finally the day got here! “Lighting For Makeup Artists 101 workshop with the brilliant Sara Seidman Vance. A small privileged private class Pre-IMATS and it’s the first year she’s given the class with IMATS! People from all over the world have come to this class (Sweden, Pakistan, Greece, Spain, etc.) and it’s so exciting! Sara is a two-time Emmy nominated, award winning makeup artist that has specialized in Lighting Knowledge and is the only one giving this class around the world.

All the knowledge and practical understanding a pro makeup artist must know and truly handle to be on set giving proper contribution to a production. This knowledge of lighting changes it all, its just so different than knowledge on pigments on makeup! Couldn’t feel more blessed and thankful!

Belen Mateo from Spain/United Kingdom
May 17, 2018
IMATS started yesterday for me with this amazing  class masterclass on Lighting For Makeup Artists 101 by Sara Seidman Vance.

Many people don’t understand how important it is to know how light changes our work to the pint to even ruin it if you don’t have the knowledge. Go check her account to see a few examples.

The masterclass was amazing and her talent and expertise blows my mind but her warm and humble personality are even better.

Sara, thank you so much for being the way you are.

Candice Harris Rauch Mua
October 24, 2016
Sara, you did an absolutely Amazing job teaching this class and I’ve learned soooo much. Please continue to teach these segments as its very crucial in our industry. Love you girl!

Martina Parmar Bellieni from United Kingdom
March 12, 2017
Sara recently joined our show The Media Makeup event in Rugby as our Special Guest, the class Lighting for Makeup Artists 101 “copyright” was very well received, Sara has the the industry knowledge coupled with the personable qualities which allowed our students to learn from this awesome industry leader

Melody Myers Weber
August 14, 2017
Fabulous class!

Beth Dufala Pistolis
August 14, 2017
Thank you so much for the Lighting Class in Atlanta! So much knowledge and such a fun class. It was amazing to be surrounded by such talented artists. I highly recommend this class for anyone in the industry! Thank you again! I can’t wait to expand on everything i learned!

Jan Ricks Franklin
August 5, 2017
It was a fantastic class I learned so much. She is a great educator. Sara Seidman Vance

Denise Tunnell from Illusions Cosmetics‎/Beauty Talk Media
September 13, 2017
Thank you Sara for bringing your ‘Lighting 4 Makeup Artists 101’ class to Atlanta. The class was awesome and I learned so much. Your class was so detailed and jam packed with so much information. My hope for you is that when presented with the opportunity, all artists will take this class.

Dionissia Konstantinou from Greece
January 11, 2018
I traveled all the way from Greece to Los Angeles to further educate myself and upgrade my skills in makeup lighting!!! Sara has deep knowledge in this field and she is a very giving and inspiring artist. So glad I made it, so thankful and blessed to attend one of her master classes! All this experience is priceless! Thank you! You are an amazing artist, teacher, human being!!! It was such an experience….loved every moment!!!!….I learned a ton of things!!!! It was a real pleasure to meet you in person!!! I’m a happy Greek makeup artist now!!!

Roxana Popa from Czech Republic
January 11,2018
An amazing workshop with an amazing woman and teacher. Thank you Sara for sharing your knowledge with us. It was such a pleasure to meet and see you in action.

Walaa El Kadi from Qatar
May 17,2018
Unique material and insight that will help you up your game in make up for TV and film.

Laurie DePina
September 20,2016
I highly recommend this class! I learned a lot when I took this class several years back. Sara Seidman Vance is an excellent instructor and gives plenty one on one attention. Something the larger classes I have taken just couldn’t do. Sometimes it’s the simplest of corrections that’s needed, but without someone watching you, how will you ever figure that out? Super affordable too and she is a working makeup artist with a who’s who client list not a who’s that “celebrity list”. Well worth the investment!