COVID-19 Compliance

Sara Seidman Vance


The coronavirus pandemic has brought change to many industries, including makeup. Any professional makeup artist understands the importance of sanitation with our clients.

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut sets down around the world, Sara wanted to take her understanding further.

That’s why she became a COVID-19 Compliance Officer/ Supervisor / Consultant and a Card-Carrying Member of OSHA.


Sara has a cosmetology background, but also a background assisting in dentistry. So, she has an extensive experience and knowledge of health disinfection and  sanitation. She’s also taken classes in medical Dermatology. 

In the early 80’s, Sara worked as a dental assistant for Chelsea Dentistry with Dr. David Blaustein. Later, she attended Mr. David’s School of Cosmetology in Wilmington North Carolina where she was nicknamed, “Doc Seidman” for ruining the bell curve!

Sara has always been fascinated with germs and bacteria and how they work and how they affect our lives. Now, she wants to take all this knowledge and put it to good use in this COVID-19 world.

If you are on set and aren’t sure that your production team is following proper protocol, Sara is here to help! Being a Journeyman member of I.A.T.S.E.#798 as well, her knowledge is sound when it comes to helping create a safe work environment. Contact Sara and she’ll make sure your set is safe for you, and your talent!



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