Class reviews

Karleen Buckley – Sydney Epic Class 2019
October 16,2019
Bucket List tick. Amazing adventure to Sydney to learn Lighting for Makeup Artist 101 from industry legends Sara Seidman Vance and class crasher Vivian Baker. Thanks so much for coming to Australia and sharing your knowledge with us.

Dianne Murphy – Sydney Epic Class 2019
October 16,2019
Had the most amazing day on Monday doing the Lighting for MUA 101 Masterclass with the insanely knowledgeable Sara Seidman Vance and special guest Vivian Baker
I was so incredibly honoured and humbled to be in the presence of such amazing women, who not only have reached the top of our industry but were also so kind and giving of their time and knowledge.
I learnt so much and it has already changed the way I look at my makeup application. I hope to meet you both again soon! ❤️❤️❤️

Morgan Ashley – I.A.T.S.E. Local 873 Toronto 2019 Day 2
October 24,2019
Throwbck to an amazing day with @lighting4mua101 @saraseidmanvance1 has such a wealth of expertise and I learned SO much in her amazing class. I’ve been approaching my makeup applications differently ever since!
Thank you Sara for sharing all of your knowledge with us.
If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of Sara’s classes you should jump on it!

Tracy Renfro – Raleigh 2019
August 4,2019
Sara Seidman Vance, I have been binging on the Firestick watching my current favorite show and am looking at the lighting, focus, colors the actors are wearing, color of the set and the makeup very differently now! So glad you brought your class to our area! Thank you!

Sabra Bradshaw- Raleigh 2019
August 4th,2019
Had such a great day in Raleigh at “Lighting For Makeup Artists101” with my good friend Sara Vance!!! It was a very informative class, I highly recommend it! Had a fabulous day! Thank you, Sara Seidman Vance!

Charles Zambrano – I.A.T.S.E.Local#798 Training Day 2 2019
July 16,2019
Definitely worth taking if you want to up your professional production game!!!

Leyda Quintero-I.A.T.S.E.Local#798 Training Day 2 2019
July 16,2019
I wish I could pack Sara in my makeup kit, she’s a wealth of knowledge and truly passionate about her craft. I loved her class!

Sharon Gertrude Ball -London 2019
July 9,2019
This day course is full to the brim with industry information. If you are a makeup artist in any environment, you will find this course useful, helpful and invaluable addition to your practical skills.
Lighting is everything and this course explains and demonstrates this fact. Sara is insightful and her wealth of experience and knowledge is amazing. This is an essential course for all makeup artists.

Marta Ramalho -London 2019
July 8,2019
You admire and follow someone’s work and you are delighted to go and learn with them. But then you meet the person behind the work, and you just fall in love. That’s what happened with Sara Seidman Vance. Such knowledge, such technique, a light and makeup encyclopedia inside her brain. But it’s in her heart that lies the most precious treasure. Blessed to know you live in this world, Sara. Thank you so much for all the things you taught me about light and about life. I will never forget you and your generosity. Love from Portugal.

Connie Tsang- Alcone Class NY 2019
June 21,2019
Really enjoyed Sara’s lighting class for makeup artists. The class is a survey of lighting related knowledge for the make-up department, especially on a film, TV/video set. Not only did Sara teach us about how to anticipate the effects on makeup under various lightings setups, but she also provided us with hands-on practice on how to critique our own work under the scrutiny of a light with 95% color rendering index – i.e., how to do makeup that looks great under any lighting situations! Highly recommend this class for anyone serious about perfecting their crafts of makeup in this ultra HD world.

Le Bella Alize-Monae _ Hampton Roads 2019
May 5,2019
I’m telling y’all this class Lighting For Makeup Artists 101- Hampton Roads is so good I had to take it twice!!! This time it came with a TML light!!!! Thank you Sara Seidman Vance for having this amazing class!!!

Darla Wigley – Wigley FX and 798 Union MemberIMATS ATLANTA 2018
April 14,2019
I am here to tell you. This class is worth it’s worth it’s weight in gold. After I took it,it truly made me look at my makeup differently. I highly recommend this class. Go take it!!!!! Sara Seidman Vance is a doll and you will love learning from her.

Brittney Nelson – IMATS ATLANTA 2018
January 30,2019
I shared this to my MUA page but I also think there might be people who don’t follow me there that are aspiring MUA’s (which means you should follow me anyway) and I wanted to let you know about this amazing class I recommend to the moon and back now that 2019 dates are released!!
I took Lighting for Makeup Artists 101 at IMATS Atlanta in November and it was a game changer. Lighting is so vastly different in every single place we artists work it is imperative our clients look amazing always. We MUST know how to do makeup from natural light to HD lighting seamlessly. Sara Seidman Vance is also an absolutely lovely woman that I’m so happy to know. The class is fun and engaging! I was so impressed that she does not work for The Makeup Light but uses their products and they give her students great discounts if you want to upgrade to THE BEST LIGHTS EVER. haha 
For reals, take the class. You can thank me later. I might just take another one when she is back in the south!

Tyler Green – Tyler Green FX Studio ( Finalist on SYFY’s show “FACEOFF)
April 7,2019
It was such an honor to be hosting and participating in Sara’s “Lighting For Makeup Artists 101” class!
It is a huge game changer! I now have a better understanding of how lighting works and how it will enhance my work in the future.
Every make-up artist who wishes to perfect their craft should take her class and enroll now!!! Thank you to The Makeup Light for providing the best lighting source on the planet!!!

Katie Callahan-Connecticut 2019
April 6,2019
I was lucky enough to take a “Lighting For Makeup Artists” course today from the one and only Emmy-nominated,award winning Sara Seidman Vance and I was blown away! For any makeup artists who really want to elevate their game, you need to take this course and learn from the master! I feel like I have such a leg up now, and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to my clients!

Karrie Welch-Connecticut 2019
April 7,2019
Lighting For Makeup Artists 101 is an absolute essential for any pro artist. Sara breaks down the fundamentals of lighting and how it affects makeup application and how it appears in multiple situations. She demonstrates how to make immediate adjustments to improve your work. Artists of all levels, from beginner to veteran, can benefit from Sara’s deep dive into all things lighting and makeup.

Jessica Padilla – 798 Union member/Alcone class NY 2019
March 19,2019
This past weekend I attended “Lighting for Make-Up Artists 101” “Lighting for Makeup Artists” class hosted by Alcone Company Professional MakeUp Supplies and it was a revelation! As a film and TV makeup artist, I find it is imperative to be able to speak the same language as the DP/Cinematographer/Gaffing department in order to reach a collective desired result in the finished work and this class was a necessary step in achieving that goal. Lighting is a fundamental part of a makeup artist’s arsenal and without a clear understanding of how it affects our work, an artist will never be able reach their full potential. Thank you so much Sara for helping to bridge this gap!!! It is beyond appreciated.

Genny Tyhurst – NABET Toronto -2019
February 22, 2019
Sara was a great teacher. Very knowledgeable. She explained lighting and expressed concepts regarding how lighting and makeup go hand and hand from an experienced perspective and introduced ideas I wouldn’t have thought of before. I gained a lot from attending her class and I would recommend it to any makeup artist.

Larissa Palaszczuk – NABET Toronto 2019
February 17,2019
Huge thanks to Sara Seidman Vance for joining us at NABET to teach “Lighting for Makeup Artists101”. Even after 14 years of doing makeup, I never stop learning. This class should be attended by everyone in the beauty industry! It’s so refreshing seeing The Makeup Light be so supportive of artists as well.

Kat McAndrew – Sydney 2018
October 26,2018
I recently attended Sara’s class in Sydney and had my mind blown! Even though I’ve been a makeup artist for 13 years and I’ve worked in film and production for the last 5, I had no idea how much I didn’t know. I walked away with a greater understanding of both lighting terminology and how light affects the makeup in camera. I feel confident I can communicate with the lighting department/ photographers now and by doing so protect my onscreen talent/models and have them looking their best both in makeup and under lights.

Frances Fraser (Chronicles of a Makeup Artist)Sydney 2018
October 21,2018
What an amazing day we had here in Sydney with the fabulously talented, generous and beautiful soul that is Sara Seidman Vance with her Lighting For Makeup Artists 101 class. Thank you to everyone who attended and learned alongside me at what really should be called a #Masterclass cause it’s a class taught by a true master.
Thank you Sara for everything, today was awesome but really, our whole time together has been special! Can’t wait till you come back!

Taking Sara’s class in Sydney was a complete game changer in the way I work. I now not only know what the different lights on set are but how they work to light the talent, how that affects my client and what I need to do to make sure my client is looking their best on camera.
I had a very limited knowledge of this before taking “Lighting for Make-Up Artists 101” class and I’m forever grateful for Sara travelling half way around the world to teach us Aussie artists and help us improve on what we already know and do.

If you are working in any part of the industry, this class is for you. Technology is changing quickly and we as artists need to keep up so whether you work in bridal (photography and video) to advertising (print, video), TV or movies – our work is captured by camera’s of all sorts and we need to also stay on top of this technology and know how it affects our work so we can keep our clients and talent looking their best.

Sara Seidman Vance, again many thanks for sharing your knowledge and being a positive force within our industry.

Suzanne Patterson (Paint and Powder Cosmetics) -DC 2018
August 11, 2018
The class was nothing short of amazing, and so full of the important working lighting technology all artists MUST have to be successful and at the top of their game in working their makeup in UHD formats. I am delighted to have been a student, and Sara, you are always the most thorough and consummate professional, in your work and in your teaching. Those who attended on Saturday are definitely ahead of their competition, and it was a delight to meet you all! Keep up the training and taking workshops to further refine and polish your skill sets!

Doris Elias -DC 2018
August 13,2018
This class was awesome! If you are a makeup artist and especially if you are new to testing for your portfolio, this class will prepare you on how to make sure you get good pictures. If you are going into film and TV you will be blessed because Sara started out working on lighting before becoming a Makeup Artist. She will get you prepared for behind and in front of the camera so you will not look like a “newbie”. Loved this class. She is teaching something that no other artist offers.

Rosa Martinez -DC 2018
August 12, 2018
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! I returned home this morning with tons of new knowledge from “Lighting For Makeup Artists 101” with Sara Seidman Vance! HANDS DOWN one of the best classes I’ve taken so far! This class is an absolute must for every Makeup Artist! Sara is super knowledgeable on lighting as she has 30+ years experience working on film sets! She makes everything super easy to understand and prepares you for any situation that may need correction! The hands on portion gave me so many light bulb moments. (YES! THIS IS HANDS ON) I 100% recommend every makeup artist take this class! Thank you, Sara! Truly the best at what you do!

Alexis Arenas -DC 2018
August 13, 2018
If you have not taken “Lighting For Makeup Artists101”  with Sara Seidman Vance then you need to check your schedule and make it happen. Hands down one of the best classes I have taken in 20 years of artistry.  Thank you ,Sara.

Perryn Morris -DC 2018
August 11, 2018
I learned so much. I’m still in awe of everything I learned! LET THERE BE F*CKING LIGHT!!! I’m not going to lie, I thought that most a bit hype about The Makeup Light was just hype, but holy crap this thing is amazing! This seriously is going to change how I do makeup! And not only that, but after my class with “Lighting For Makeup Artist 101” I’m freaking unstoppable! < insert evil laugh here> Update:(Jan 16,2019) I don’t have the opportunity to take classes a lot, but I’m still thinking back to the Lighting 101 class with Sara Seidman Vance! I learned SO FREAKING MUCH that day. Hot to correct improperly matched foundation,how lighting manipulates mood and the mindset of protecting your talent. It’s made me so much more confident in my skill set.

Vernell Spann -DC 2018
August 11, 2018
This class was SO EYE-OPENING! Thank you for sharing your heart!!!

Sharharlee Blake -DC 2018
August 11,2018
I learned so many gems in today’s “Lighting For Makeup Artists101” class! Sara Seidman Vance is beyond a wealth of information and a great instructor. It’s crazy how I just stumbled upon this class on Eventbrite last month and didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I met some awesome makeup artists . Day well spent learning and connecting!

Dominique Pettway -DC 2018
August 12, 2018
What an amazing day filled with so much information. I have so much practicing and studying to do to perfect my skills even more. It’s amazing how much lighting really affects what our eyes see and not just that but the environment  around us with color and how we perceive it. Thank you so much for all your knowledge Sara Seidman Vance. I really learned alot. And definitely know there is a lot more to learn.

Salsabil Malik -DC 2018
August 12,2018
Throwback to this class taught by Sara Seidman Vance. Everyone who recommended taking this class were not wrong! It was so eye opening, and not only did I learn so much about lighting, I also learned so many other invaluable tidbits, as well as, saw what my work looks like on 4K ( and how to adjust things accordingly) I was super nervous and intimidated going into the class, but everyone was nice and it was so great connecting with other industry peers, not to mention Sara was an absolute sweetheart as a teacher. I highly recommend this class It was worth every f*cking penny!!!

Alexandra Hushcha -DC 2018
August 14, 2018
I got my coffee and favorite plate for a peaceful morning after an eventful weekend. For any artists curious about the class I took Saturday: The education I received from Sara Seidman Vance in her class “Lighting For Makeup Artists 101” was so incredibly valuable and I feel so grateful to her for sharing her unique skill set with us in DC. Sara opened my eyes to things I did even know I did not know and I had so many “aha” moments throughout the day. I received a ton of technical knowledge and artistry techniques alongside Sara’s wisdom and insights on the industry. As a newer artist, I was nervous going into the class alongside professionals with a whole lot more skill and experience then me. Sara was relaxed and straight forward in her delivery and the environment and the classroom was supportive and welcoming. This class is a fundamental building block in my career growth. I’m excited to use my learnin” and “The Makeup Light” to paint faces and make teach’ proud!

Walaa El Kadi from QatarIMATS LONDON 2018
May 17,2018
Unique material and insight that will help you up your game in make up for TV and film.

Kim Ikonen from SwedenIMATS LONDON 2018
May 17, 2018 
Such a pleasure learning more on lighting for makeup artists from lighting pro and makeup artist Sara Seidman Vance at Lighting For Makeup Artists 101. Little tips and makeup tricks for makeup on camera, lots of knowledge of light in general, color temperatures, CRI, differences in color theory for light as opposed to pigment/skin, and more! Thanks for being such an inspiring teacher and humble person, Sara! God Bless you!

Ale Chavez from PeruIMATS LONDON 2018
May 17, 2018
Today I’m getting one of the classes I’ve wanted and waited the most as professional makeup makeup artist! Was following this class around the world for a while, but was never given on a country and date I was able to travel to due schedule.

Finally the day got here! “Lighting For Makeup Artists 101 workshop with the brilliant Sara Seidman Vance. A small privileged private class Pre-IMATS and it’s the first year she’s given the class with IMATS! People from all over the world have come to this class (Sweden, Pakistan, Greece, Spain, etc.) and it’s so exciting! Sara is a two-time Emmy nominated, award winning makeup artist that has specialized in Lighting Knowledge and is the only one giving this class around the world.

All the knowledge and practical understanding a pro makeup artist must know and truly handle to be on set giving proper contribution to a production. This knowledge of lighting changes it all, its just so different than knowledge on pigments on makeup! Couldn’t feel more blessed and thankful!

Belen Mateo from Spain/United KingdomIMATS LONDON 2018
May 17, 2018
IMATS started yesterday for me with this amazing class, masterclass on Lighting For Makeup Artists 101 by Sara Seidman Vance.Many people don’t understand how important it is to know how light changes our work to the point to even ruin it if you don’t have the knowledge. Go check her account to see a few examples.The masterclass was amazing and her talent and expertise blows my mind but her warm and humble personality are even better.Sara, thank you so much for being the way you are.

Dionissia Konstantinou from GreeceIMATS LA 2018
January 11, 2018
I traveled all the way from Greece to Los Angeles to further educate myself and upgrade my skills in makeup lighting!!! Sara has deep knowledge in this field and she is a very giving and inspiring artist. So glad I made it, so thankful and blessed to attend one of her master classes! All this experience is priceless! Thank you! You are an amazing artist, teacher, human being!!! It was such an experience….loved every moment!!!!….I learned a ton of things!!!! It was a real pleasure to meet you in person!!! I’m a happy Greek makeup artist now!!!

Roxana Popa from Czech RepublicIMATS LA 2018
January 11,2018
An amazing workshop with an amazing woman and teacher. Thank you Sara for sharing your knowledge with us. It was such a pleasure to meet and see you in action.

Sonia Roselli from Sonia Roselli BeautyCHICAGO 2017
September 10,2017
For those of you that didn’t come to this lighting class, holy s***! You missed it! I’m blown away! I learned so much! It’s been years since I have done any TV work.  BUT wow did I have many Ah-ha moments! Especially about product development.  If you get a chance to take a class with Sara Seidman Vance on lighting, be prepared to have your mind BLOWN.

Tricia Clarke-CHICAGO 2017
September 10,2017
Whoa. My mind is still buzzing from all the info from today’s fantastic class with Sara Seidman Vance sponsored by The Makeup Light and at the gorgeous Sonia Roselli studio. What I learned today made me realize I’ve been in the presence of two lighting geniuses, before I knew enough to realize how phenomenal they are. Paul Sharwell and Maggie Fullilove-Nugent I take my hat off to you both. Thank you for the privilege of watching you work. And Sara thank you for a window into this new world. I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned and apply it!

Denise Tunnell from Illusions Cosmetics‎/Beauty Talk Media-ATLANTA 2017
September 13, 2017
Thank you Sara for bringing your ‘Lighting 4 Makeup Artists 101’ class to Atlanta. The class was awesome and I learned so much. Your class was so detailed and jam packed with so much information. My hope for you is that when presented with the opportunity, all artists will take this class.

Selena Evans Miller – 798 Union Member(30+years)-ATLANTA 2017
November 3,2018
This is such an important class it should be mandatory for every makeup artists to take. How can we create our best work unless you know what type of lighting is being used?  This class has brought me to a new level of artistry. Thank you Sara for developing and sharing this very important and needed information!

Melody Myers Weber-ATLANTA 2017
August 14, 2017
I just took Lighting For Makeup Artists 101 class with Sara Seidman Vance in Atlanta. This an awesome class that I highly recommend to every makeup artist. No matter how far along you are in your career, this class is going to make you a better artist. So much great information. Plus it’s a hands on class, lots of input to make you a better mua! Fabulous class!

Beth Dufala PistolisATLANTA 2017
August 14, 2017
Thank you so much for the Lighting Class in Atlanta! So much knowledge and such a fun class. It was amazing to be surrounded by such talented artists. I highly recommend this class for anyone in the industry! Thank you again! I can’t wait to expand on everything i learned!

Cecilia McAllister – HAMPTON ROADS 2017
August 6,2017
So today I was blessed to attend a Lighting For Makeup Artists class taught by Emmy nominated,award winning Sara Seidman Vance. She is very knowledgeable and humble. I was very pleased with the instruction she gave us, and for that I thank her.

The course not only brought me into the company of some talented like minded women, but also took me out of my comfort zone and forced me to try a different way of applying makeup. Education, growth and fellowship are essential pieces that completed my experience today, and took me to my happy place.

I highly recommend this lecture to anyone that wants to explore the effects that light makes on how your work is represented. Also, given the ability to be able to step on set or in a non-favorably lit situation, and know exactly what adjustments need to be made to showcase your best makeup application is invaluable. I am very pleased and love how we were also able to learn from each other. This highly anticipated class did not disappoint!

Jan Ricks Franklin – HAMPTON ROADS-2017
August 5, 2017
What an incredible opportunity to learn from someone so talented and experienced in the business. G_d truly directed my path to her class. Understanding lighting on a set is a must for anyone who wishes to call themselves a MUA for TV and Film. The advances in technology are such that “fake it till you make it” just will not fly. I want to add value to each and every production and project that I am privileged to be a part of. Being confident in my knowledge and skill set is a must for me. I learned so much today. The hands-on practical portion helped cement the workbook and lecture. I also found some like minded women that I sincerely enjoyed connecting with.

Martina Parmar Bellieni from United Kingdom – RUGBY COLLEGE 2017
March 12, 2017
Sara recently joined our show The Media Makeup event in Rugby as our Special Guest, the class Lighting for Makeup Artists 101 © was very well received, Sara has the the industry knowledge coupled with the personable qualities which allowed our students to learn from this awesome industry leader

Candice Harris Rauch MuaHAMPTON ROADS 2016
October 24, 2016
Sara, you did an absolutely Amazing job teaching this class and I’ve learned soooo much. Please continue to teach these segments as its very crucial in our industry. Love you girl!

Laurie DePina First class in D.C. 2009
September 20,2016
I highly recommend this class! I learned a lot when I took this class several years back. Sara Seidman Vance is an excellent instructor and gives plenty one on one attention. Something the larger classes I have taken just couldn’t do. Sometimes it’s the simplest of corrections that’s needed, but without someone watching you, how will you ever figure that out? Super affordable too and she is a working makeup artist with a who’s who client list not a who’s that “celebrity list”. Well worth the investment!